Pre-Construction Sales Start February 15, 2024!

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Built on the highest available lots in Cabo San Lucas, Valle Del Sol is now offering the Residences at High Valley. Owners of these luxury residences will hold title and occupancy through our fractional ownership program which allows for maximum flexibility, ease of use, and financial savvy.

Our fractional program offers the most equitable way for our owners to share in the purchase and enjoyment of these spectacular new homes perched at the top of Valle Del Sol. With dreamlike views of Cabo San Lucas, Land's end, The city lights and both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

These homes will be built to our highest standards of finish. Contact us for details.

Why Fractional Ownership?

  • Fractional ownership allows people to invest in real estate without taking on the full cost.
  • Fractional owners only pay their share of operating expenses and maintenance.
  • Fractional owners receive the same benefits as full owners: Usage, appreciation, and rental revenue. 
  • Every aspect of home ownership is managed for you. From upkeep to stocking the fridge pre-arrival all of the details are covered so that the property is always available for owners to enjoy.
  • Fractional Owners avoid the two "W's": WORK when you're here and WORRY when you aren't.
  • Fractional Owners enjoy the ease of sharing, renting, or gifting out their space and time.

Simple and Easy.


Get in touch to set up your personalized tour of Valle del Sol and the Residences at High Valley.

Contact Sheryl Gardner: 624-141-6283 - [email protected]

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