Our Story

John Buckley has been exploring the hills of El Tezal in Cabo San Lucas for years. As a 30-year resident of Cabo San Lucas, John has always had a passion for exploring outside his own backdoor. On foot, on bike, or even on horseback, John would wander the upper reaches of the canyons overlooking the bay of Cabo San Lucas. He often found himself taking pause in one particular area. A place he called the "horseshoe"... The current location of Valle Del Sol. Every time John took a moment for himself to enjoy the sanctuary of the horseshoe, he would say to himself "I gotta do something here!". 

What was so special about this piece of land? "It's not just about a view" John explains. "It involves all of your senses. You can see the muted bustle of Cabo San Lucas below and watch the boats come in and out of the bay or the city lights, but all you hear is the murmur of the desert breezes. I've always thought that a view is something you look at" John continues, "But when you're here, in Valle Del Sol, This view is something you live inside. It's like this entire vista is a show for a privileged few"

John & Blanca Buckley

Jaime & Sara Madrid

It's a long way from a walk in the desert to what Valle Del Sol is today (or what it will be in the future). So how did "I gotta do something here!" turn into this vision? For many years John was caught up in, quite simply, life. John held a high profile executive position with one of Mexico's largest developers and also took on several private spec house builds on his own. Along  with his wife, and business partner, Blanca Madrid Buckley, they  operated several local businesses and, of course, managed to raise four exceptional children. Life was BUSY! But through it all, "the horseshoe" still burned in the back of John's mind.

While John has been in Cabo for 30 years, Blanca and her family have roots in the Baja that run much deeper. Jaime Madrid and Sara Madrid are originally from the Mexican mainland but moved to the Baja in 1975 when Blanca was just an infant. They ended up settling in the La Paz region where they had a ranch along with Jaime's father. Jaime and Sara moved their young family to the Los Cabos area in 1980 in search of greater opportunities and that is exactly what they found. The family prospered through hard work and ingenuity. They sold seafood wholesale, they raised livestock, and most importantly, they bought land. They were always looking for that next opportunity. The Madrid's set out to provide a bright and prosperous future for their family and Valle Del Sol is just one example of their hard work and persistence.

In the fall of 2019, Jaime mentioned to John that he had seen a plot of land come up for sale and asked if he was interested in taking a look? When John asked about the location, Jaime spoke about a peaceful canyon up in the highest parts of El Tezal with amazing views down to the bay and elevated enough to enjoy Pacific ocean views and stunning sunsets. "Are you talking about the horseshoe?" John asked his father-in Law. It turns out that both John and Jaime were, in fact, talking about the same piece of land. Within 24 hours they visited the property and  the paperwork was signed. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

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